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Farion Architectural Acoustics uses the latest and most comprehensive methods and tools for the analysis, prediction and design of optimum acoustics in buildings.

Rob Farion has over ten years of experience in acoustic design consulting and has earned a reputation for delivering effective, practical and efficient guidance. Rob has many years of past experience in critical listening, audio production and professional music performance/instruction. This background along with extensive and ongoing self study, various specialized courses and valuable mentorship forms the foundation for his focus in professional architectural acoustics design and consulting.

STC, RT, CAC, NRC, TL, STI, dBA, IIC, NIC, NC, RIR… The list of acronyms that relate to acoustic performance specifications goes on! If you are a designer, builder or facility owner, chances are at least some of these criteria are pertinent to you. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Whether it’s for accreditation like the new LEED v4 criteria, organization requirements such as the RCMP or building code compliance, I will be advising on, predicting and assessing any and all relevant acoustics specifications and objective measures. There is simply no “one size fits all” or “silver bullet” solutions when it comes to building acoustics. Every project comes with a unique set of variables and requirements that all need to be considered holistically for a successful outcome.


Rob did an amazing job helping me out with acoustics and sound isolation in my new home. My media space is fantastic and the rest of my family can enjoy the rest of the house when I want to listen to some music or watch a movie. He made practical recommendations and is excellent at discussing the pros and cons to any solution. He understands the importance of form VS function so that I got a space that was visually appealing, and sounds great. Thanks Rob. Jeff Skinner / Home Owner

The work that Rob did for us made a significant improvement to the comfort and functionality of our administration office areas. We would highly recommend his services to anyone!Daniel Northam, Director of Finance, Sherwood Care

I wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the work you did in CPOC. Both the panels and the cloud materials have been installed and the improvement to the acoustics is amazing! Thanks again!Laurel Roblin, P.Eng. / Utility Production Supervisor University of Alberta Cooling Plant

This year we hired Rob Farion to come alongside of us and help us to address some long-standing acoustical problems in our Church. Rob was very helpful from the start. He listened to us and addressed the issues with clarity and true professionalism. Simply put, Rob really knows sound. The end results have been absolutely amazing and are proving to be a significant & positive improvement (and the install looks great too). We would hire Rob again in a nanosecond.Pastor Joe Rioux / Kentwood Alliance Church

Rob's work at the Red Deer Curling Centre (rink area) provided excellent results for both winter curling events and summer dry floor events. The acoustic panels placed in the trusses were so effective that wall treatments were not required.Rich Roberts / Consultant & Project Manager

There is no wrong time to consider improving challenging acoustical environments, however...

the BEST time to do this is during the initial design of a facility.

In virtually all types of architecture, the influence of room acoustics and noise isolation has the potential to enhance or degrade the interior’s usefulness and comfort.  By addressing room acoustics and acoustic isolation in conjunction with architectural design, detrimental acoustic defects can be avoided and typically at a much lower overall cost and with less aesthetic compromise than when implemented after a facility is complete.

For the last ten years Farion has been serving clients (architects/designers and facility owners/managers),  utilizing computer based acoustic modelling for the simulation of acoustical outcomes and sound system performance integration on hundreds of projects.  This technology combined with careful execution has greatly improved the speed, accuracy and feasibility of integrated acoustic design. Further to this, a related technology called “auralization” provides the opportunity to listen to what specific sound sources would potentially sound like at specific locations within a proposed environment.  Please take a listen to some auralization examples included on a few of the featured projects.

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